Saturday, February 27, 2010

Welcome to South Korea

I'm finally here! After months of packing, saying goodbye, and traveling across the states, my home is now in Seoul. It's been a week since I've arrived and so much excitement has happened already.

I arrived at 4:40am last Saturday. I'm expecting one of those moments when I breach the welcome arrival gates and there is Kwang waiting with maybe even one of those cheesy signs. But, alas no that's not the case. I wait around with my cart of luggage for about 30mins seeing all of these people reunite with others around me. There's hope though. I hear this message over the intercom, something about a Jennie arriving from New York. However, I can't really comprehend where it's telling me to go. Finally through the crowd I see Kwang looking frantically. There he his, the man who has made me a very lucky lady.

We take the bus to Kwang's brother's house. His brother's name is Changwoo, though I later find out in Malaysia his English name was Brian. I'm sticking with Changwoo. Kwang and I drop off our things and then take the bullet train to Jinhae to visit Kwang's parents. We arrive around 9:00pm and I'm sure to tell Kwang that our next trip to the US will certainly be payback for this round of extreme jetlag.

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