Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fans in Korea

It's hot and muggy and Kwang and I were in desperate need of a fan as we are deathly afraid of how expensive our AC might be if we run it through the night. I went and bought us a fan at our local electronics store.

I thought this was genius. The stores know that most people do not have a car so once my fan was procured and paid for they whipped up this handy handle. It did the job too.

There is a very famous myth here in S. Korea. It's called fan death ooooooo. The people believe that if you leave a fan on in a closed room with no windows open it will suck your breathe away and you will die. Kwang and I had a big discussion on this and frankly he didn't believe a word I said about fan death being ridiculous. Well then he went on the internet, did some "research" and now he's a non-believer. The fan I bought came with a handy instructions manual and sure enough fan death had a featured spot as seen above.

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  1. My pal Winnie confessed that she was once a believer of "fan death ooooooo" also. It took her husband at the time to dare the consequences for a night to show her otherwise.