Monday, May 23, 2011

Turtle Egg Ice Cream Treat

I found this ice cream treat in the small grocery store that's across from our apartment. I'd never seen it before and it looked peculiar, so I bought one. When I brought it home Kwang immediately recognized this ice cream treat and told me he used to eat these when he was a kid. The Korean name translates into turtle egg.

When I opened up the plastic package I thought to myself, what the hell is this? I hate to say it, but it has a strange likening to an ice cream filled condom. Ok, as a kid growing up in the United States I remember being repeatedly warned about playing with balloons and being scared with the vision of some defiant kid who suffocated from inhaling a balloon. Here they fill balloons with ice cream, encouraging just the opposite. Have all of my instincts been wrong all along?!

The pictured instructions showed that I needed to cut off the tip of the balloon. From that moment on chocolate ice cream came spurting out under the strange pressure of the balloon. I cut a bigger opening about half way through, which was a huge mistake. The ice cream came gushing out at the end and practically exploded all over the floor. I still can't believe this is a mass produced, Korean FDA approved product.  Turtle eggs, worth trying while in Korea.


  1. Christ on a cracker... I haven't even read this yet and I'm blown away...

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  3. That's pretty freaking gross. I was pretty shocked the first time I saw a kid with what I thought was a shit filled condom. hahaha

  4. This was beautifully written and well thought out.

  5. YUCK! WIERD! GROSS! WOW! Amazing, interesting, I bet Miriam would LOVE this!

    PS: Looks like you're getting spammer comments. . . Boo

  6. Yum, chocolate filled condoms!

  7. LOL...Love your adventure story in Korea