Saturday, December 25, 2010

Couple Sweatshirts

Matching couple sweatshirts are huge here. So imagine my surprise and joy when I found one in my Christmas stocking from Kwang. 
Why Boston? Or more like why not Boston! Finally I can show my USA pride though it's not exactly hard to hide here since my foreignness is rather apparent. 

Here's a close up which really helps show the other special part about these sweatshirts. Never heard of Massachubatts, eh?? A quick Wikipedia search claims that Boston was established in 1630. Who do you trust Wikipedia or this sweatshirt...that's right Massachubatts doesn't lie.


  1. Well, at least Boston was spelled right, right? Ha.

  2. LOL well at least your sweatshirts indeed are matching, Massachubatts and all.