Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Engagement Ring(s)

It's official! Kwang and I are engaged. As usual we are not exactly doing everything in the traditional way. In Korea many couples exchange promise rings. These are rings that both the bride and groom wear before getting married. There is a section of Seoul that specializes in these coordinating rings and when I say coordinating I mean coordinating. If the bride gets some bling so does the groom. As much as I would have liked for Kwang to sport some sparkles we didn't go that route. We had been looking for something that represented Korea and found this ring set. The rings are made by a Korean designer and when placed on top of each other create a chrysanthemum flower. It reminds me of our differences and yet our ability to fit together. 


  1. Hen hao!! I love your engagement rings! Congrats again you two! Definitely fits the both of you. It would've been nice to see Kwang in some bling though. hehe

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