Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wade Kids Academy Celebrates Christmas

Friday was a festive Christmas Eve at my school. We wrote Christmas cards for parents, sang Christmas songs,  made Santa candles and ate spaghetti (the true highlight!!). These girls helped celebrate by wearing very popular reindeer horn headbands to school. 

This is our 5 year old class (really they are 4 years old in western terms). Each class had a caroling contest. The best girl and boy each got a special present. Lucky for Chloe she was the only girl that day. 

All of the girls in the 7 year old class looked very festive for Christmas.

My lucky co-worker Michael was chosen as this year's Santa. The children's parents had sent in a present for each them so that Santa could give them something special.

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  1. Who's the sly guy in the back with the glasses and black hoodie? I think he and I would be besties.