Saturday, May 14, 2011

Urban Gardening in Seoul

Our new 14th floor apartment has a small screened in porch. I think most people put their laundry out to dry here. I've seen some plants growing though in the other windows I've peeked at.  I really miss having a garden so Kwang and I trucked ourselves over to the flower market to see what we could find. We decided on two big planters. Then we bought cucumber, eggplant, hot pepper, and tomato plants. We also got some basil for cooking and some mint for mojitos. I'm hoping if the cucumber plants really take off I an create some sort of trellis running up the wall. Some of my adult students have told me that in their experience plants don't grow above the 8th floor for some reason. I'm hoping to prove them wrong.


  1. Having something green on the 8th floor must be good and refreshing to the eyes. But I wonder if those soil are enough for cucumbers?

    Must be great to prove your students wrong. Good luck! :)

  2. Nice post! have selected good subject matter for readers..