Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Street Food-A Focus on the Meal on a Stick

How I adore street food. In Korea the vendors even have little stools at their stalls so you can pull up and take a load off while enjoying a delicious dinner. Kwang and I decided we would eat eat street food one night so we settled on a stall that had all the good stuff and by good stuff I mean the more weird things on a stick the better. Above are think stripes of fish cake, accordion style on a stick. You are even encouraged to drink the broth as there are cups and a ladle hanging along side the stall. Kwang did this, I abstained.
This batter of fish cakes, vegetables, spices and flour is soon to be carefully molded into a sort of fish corndog on a stick. The vendor made them with the quick flick of a chop stick.
The vendor in action.
Final product revealed: on the left you have the batter wrapped around a piece of faux crab, on the right is the batter with a sesame leaf on top. All fish cake sticks are fried of course before serving. I had two of the sesame leaf ones and they were tasty!

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