Friday, March 26, 2010


There are so many waffle vendors here. Mostly they have carts in the subway station where the smell of waffles permeates the underground tunnels. This vendor was selling waffles with either vanilla, strawberry or chocolate faux whipped cream. There is a waffle vendor fairly near my apartment and I just so happen to be the owner of a big bottle of VT maple syrup. Yes, this is the only food item I coveted enough to bring to S. Korea. Honestly, I thought it was going to be a present, but screw that, it's mine. And one day I'm going to be that crazy westerner and will bring my bottle of "liquid gold" to the waffle cart. I'll slyly whip it out of my purse and deliciousness will commence.


  1. Speaking of waffles, are you getting along with out baking? Is there really no oven?

  2. I'm slowly dealing without having an oven. We made pancakes this weekend with real VT maple syrup and that seems to do the trick. We also found a table top oven for about $350 at the store. I think I know what's on my Christmas list!