Wednesday, May 5, 2010

After a Couple of Beers...Why not shoot BB guns?

After we left the Woodstock Bar at around midnight, the streets were still bustling and small little businesses that we had never noticed before were open. This included a BB gun firing range. Now many of you may not know this, but in the army Kwang was a sharp shooter. He would earn extra days of military leave by winning target competitions. As you can see from the downed targets above and that sheeplishly proud grin on his face, yes, Kwang's reputation still stands true.

I however, am a lousy shot and came from a very anti-gun upbringing. The cultural attitude towards guns is much different here. The toy industry here makes all sorts of guns for kids. We have toy guns in our toybox at school. I feel extremely uncomfortable when the kids play with them.   I've had a student bring a BB gun to school and when I was the only one who threw a fit over him playing with it on the playground I ended up feeling like a totally overprotective, control freak. Just to get a sense of the law here it's practically illegal to own a gun in Korea. Kwang says that you can own a gun, but that it's extremely rare. I'm not sure if the BB gun is the gate-way weapon, but I'm still going to respect what it represents.

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