Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Visit to Costco

Kwang and I made the trek to Costco last weekend. I've never actually been a member before so this was a big move. Apparently my membership works around the world too. It was only $35won to join which come to about $30USD so a bargain at that. Even though we don't have a car we found a bus that picks us up and drops us off less than 100 yards from the entrance of Costco and our house. 

So what did we find...well to start off they were giving away free samples of one of Kwang's favorite Oregon wines, Columbia Crest Riesling. We were pretty jazzed about this though it cost $10 more than at home so it did not make it into our cart.

This was the meat section. I thought it was really interesting that you could see into the butchering room. Unlike in the US butchers are still a very prominent part of Korean culture. This morning we went to our local market and the butcher ground some pork for us right on the spot. So I think this window into the packaging and prep room is to gain consumer confidence.

I loved the contrast of the gray octopus set against the blue styrofoam trays. Such a different feeling than than the Seafood Market we went to weeks before.

They had a fairly big gardening and outdoors section. Kwang is posed this way because we were joking that this tool shed was bigger than our apartment. I can't imagine the store sells many of these. I don't think I've seen an apartment building with a yard yet in the city.

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