Friday, May 21, 2010

A Visit to TGIF Fridays

Kwang's boss took us out to dinner last Saturday. I was a little nervous due to Kwang's previous experience with going out and drinking soju being the main focus, but then I found out we were going to TGIF Fridays. Back in the states I think I had been maybe once or twice and really don't appreciate the chain restaurant. However, here I was excited because it meant I could eat salad!

I found this interesting part of the menu. It going into great description of where the ingredients originate from. It's also weird because not everything is accounted for; I had tomatoes on my salad...where did those come from?? And hmmm kimchi, gasp, comes from....Korea?!

Kwang also wanted me to point out that a bottle of Yellow Tail costs about $30 USD here. That's pretty outrageous. We stuck to come good old Korean beer. 

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