Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Guess I Would Stare Too

Kwang and I went hiking a couple of weekends ago with the idea of trying to find a  refreshing pool of water to lounge by. We've been on a couple of hikes where swimming holes have made us regretful of not bringing out bathing suits. This time I was determined to find something that would allow us to lounge and be refreshed. Well as you can see above, the available pool of water we found was refreshing though sort of a tight squeeze. Additionally, it didn't help that we were  right next to the hiking trail. Kwang tells me I get stared at normaling just walking around Seoul (I rarely notice because I'm checking everyone else out!). I think being in my bathsuit while squatting in a shallow pool of water which was in the direct path of a busy hiking trail tripled my gawking exposure. I made some friends though with an elderly couple who was in a similar pool of water a couple meters away. As I plunged in I the old woman  pointed and smiled at me. Then her husband started to do some intensive hand clapping exercises over his head. I was tempted to join along, but I didn't want to make a scene.


  1. Ha ha! That's hilarious. I appreciate your boldness! Looks like you had to work pretty hard to get refreshed in that puddle!