Sunday, September 12, 2010

Imjingak: Freedom Bridge

This is the freedom bridge. It's used as a place for people to come to and remember family or friends from the North. Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) is coming up and typically people go back to their family's homes to honor their ancestors. South Koreans who's family escaped from the North during the war will come to the Freedom Bridge to pay their respect. 

The bridge is located in a large park that has lots of modern art, open space, monuments and in sort of tacky tradition an amusement park.

 This is the remnants of a train that was caught in the middle of an ambush in the DMZ during the Korean War. The conductor of the train made it out and is still alive today. 

A fence of prayer ribbons written with hopes of peace and unification line the parameter. The colors really contrast against the other parts of the park. I think it's a beautiful way to express the heartache many families have had to go through from division. 

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