Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wade Kids Academy Celebrates Chuseok

All of the students dressed up in their traditional hanboks the Monday before Chuseok. I loved seeing all of their different outfits with so many colors and accessories.

This is Diego, admittedly my favorite student. He has such a fun sense of humor and which he partly gets from having to put up being in a class full of girls. We are about to make traditional rice cakes called songpyeon. He's apparently a little bored. He and his brother wore matching hanboks.

This is Tony. The male hanbok is just as colorful as the female version. He's holding his songpyeon which are filled with red and black beans, not my favorite holiday treat.

Most of the girls also wore traditional head pieces. In some cases they were barrettes or clips. Most of the time the girls wore these types of headbands as pictured above. They give the illusion that the girls are wearing earrings. Special adornments are attached to the ends of the headband to create this effect. I thought this was quite cleaver.

I asked if the colors meant anything, but it's all personal choice or rather what their mother's pick out which is what one student told me. The skirt were so long on the girls that is was quite dodgy watching them go down the stairs.

One student even had these fancy shoes to match.

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  1. Oh so cute!! The girl throwing out a peace sign is so pretty!