Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tamna the puppy from Jeju-do

After arriving at Kwang's parents' house at 3:00 am I was greeted by this little bundle of goodness. His name is Tamna because Kwang's father bought him at a market on Jeju Island. At one time the kingdom of Tamna ruled this small island off the southern tip of South Korea. He's a bona fide mutt but he might have some Jindo in him which is Korea's native breed.

I love the way his ears flop down. He was pretty timid when we arrived, but after all of the love we gave him he opened up quite a bit. Tamna had a dog house in the courtyard though he did not have inside privileges. Every morning I would wake up and find him outside basking in the sun. Jinhae was a good 10 degrees F warmer than Seoul. I couldn't believe that we didn't have to wear winter jackets during the day.

We were a little sad to leave Tamna behind as we both knew we wouldn't be back until Chuseok which is in September. By this time we will not be greeted by a cute, little puppy any more so we had to soak up all of that playful goodness. Having a dog there will still be fun though. Tamna even came with us when we went to visit Kwang's grandmother's grave. He was a little troublesome, trying to steal the food that was set out for honoring the deceased. If only Kwang and I both didn't work so much. A dog would definitely be in the plan if that was the case, especially since our new apartment allows it...oh well. 

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