Monday, February 7, 2011

Wade Kids Academy Celebrates Seollnal by Making Kites

At school we made colorful Korean kites to celebrate the New Year, Seollnal in Korean. The kids were really into this activity and made some great art. All too often our art projects are a set kit where deviation from the design isn't really encouraged, so it's nice to have these small creative projects.

Diego was having sort of a rough time after he broke out with a nose bleed half way through the project. This picture says it all. God I love this kid.

Emily is very much into weird, sciency, non-girlie girl things. Princesses are not on her list of favorites. So it seemed only fitting for her to make a crocodile sort of creature for her flag.

The kids loved taking pictures with their faces in the hole of the kite. Here Kenny added a long green piece so that he would have a beard.

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