Monday, February 28, 2011

Wade Kids Academy Graduates

I can't believe graduation day is already here. It's been a year since I've taught Neptune class at Wade Kids Academy. I'm so proud of my little ones. It was a bitter sweet moment saying goodbye to my seven year olds. It will be a little strange not seeing them everyday.

Oh Diego, how I will miss the funny things you say. He looks like such a young man in his cap and gown. He had both his parents there as well has one set of grandparents. They were so proud of him.

The students get this kindergarten diploma that has their picture, the official school seal, and a class picture. Pretty fancy for a kindergarten graduation. Kwang still has his kindergarten graduation picture with him in a cap and gown so I guess this was pretty common even back in the 1980's.

The kids not only sang two songs, but had to recite a speech they wrote. We practiced a lot for this moment. Everyone got over their nerves and did a great job.

Here's the paparazzi; parents all wanting the perfect shot. We went up on stage and did a series of poses. Parents brought bouquets of flowers with some kids leaving with more than two fist fulls of flowers.

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