Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bowling with the Razer Korea Team

Kwang and I got invited to attend Razer Korea's office bowling showdown. There was quite a bit of smack talk going on between Kwang and Alex from the Razer office. Each was convinced that they could out-bowl the other.

Here they are shaking hands after the "warm-up". May the best bowler win!

Bowling in Korea was pretty much the same as it is in the States. One slight exception was the absents of a bar attached to the alley. I'm not sure about you, but my bowling skills only get better with a couple of beers. There was a cooler that had some refreshments in it for sale, but this crowd was more into focus and showing off. 
Can I take these home? Probably the first shoe in Korea that I've found that actually fits me.

Alex had a mean hook that I caught in action here. 

Everyone in the office as well as Kwang put 20,000 won into the pot for the winner. Low and behold all of Kwang's talk couldn't stand up to Alex's continuous strikes. He won the money and then took us all out to dinner. He also bought us each a lottery ticket with his earnings and made us promise to split the winnings.

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