Thursday, March 10, 2011

Le Saint Ex

Last week I had a few days off since my teaching contract had ended and my new job with EducaKorea didn't start until the 7th. To celebrate I took Kwang out to lunch to Le Saint Ex, which is a popular French restaurant located in Itaewon. I'd seen a lot of blog posts about this restaurant, specifically about their lunch special. I was itching to see if it was really worth all the hype as some western restaurants are a bit overrated here in Seoul.
This is Kwang's best "this bread is magnificent" expression. It really was too! And they brought us basket after basket of crunchy, chewy, yeasty slices. 

Kwang opted for the smoked salmon plate as he thought the lunch special was too much food. Seriously, did 5 years in the states not rub off on him at all? I love the cute little circle-piles of capers, red onion and parsley.

The lunch special consisted of a choice of soup or salad, the main course, and then a choice of 5 different desserts or coffee. All of this for 20,000 won, a steal really. I started off with the salad of the day...can you see what's underneath those thinly sliced apples...yeah those are beets! Beets are just not one of those universal, worldly, vegetables. Australia loves them, same with New Zealand and North America. I'm also fairly confident Europe embraces this purple vegetable. Asia...not so much. Needless to say this salad was refreshing and a little taste of home. 

The lunch special's main course was a ground beef and potato shepard's pie. Hardy, delicious and super flavorful.

If this was one of your choices for desert why would you ever pick the apple cobbler (Kwang's first choice). They call this the "Floating Island". Isn't it beautiful.

Kwang couldn't wait to crack into that hard candy crust. Underneath the candy shell there was a heaping layer of meringue. Underneath the meringue was a rich and creamy custard. We were instructed to mix all three layers together when eating.
This dessert was amazing. It was incredibly rich and decadent, but really I felt like I deserved it. Was Le Saint Ex overrated? Not even close.

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  1. That looks fantastic. I never cease to be impressed with food presentation in Korea and Japan. Bon appetit!