Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trip to Yangpyeong Pension

A couple of weeks ago it was my friend Angela's 30th birthday. To celebrate she rented a pension in Yangpyeong which is a hour and a half train ride east from the center of Seoul. A pension sounds so European, but that's what they usually refer to as a guest house here. I like it. Here is a picture of Oak, Angela and MiYoung on the train. I originally met them in response to an English ad on Craigslist. They were looking for a foreigner to place their English with as they have all lived abroad in Canada or the states and wanted to keep up their language skills. I feel really lucky that they choose me because they've become some of my closest friends here in Korea.

I often see groups of young people carrying around boxes like these on the subway during the weekend. I had always wondered what they were up to...well they apparently were going away on their own pension adventure. We made a stop at E-mart first to pick up all the essentials for Korean BBQ and a ramen breakfast. Some heavy lifting was involved, but all necessary.

The pension owner picked us up at Yangpyeong train station later that evening. The house was really beautiful and I can only imagine what the grounds might look like in the spring or summer. The space we rented had a huge kitchen, bath and a large separate bedroom. We barbecued out on the porch while pop songs played in the courtyard.

There was a built up gazebo on the side yard. We climbed up there and took lots of pictures. 

Here my friends are on the second story of the pension. It was such a beautiful day. 

Not only was there a swing set, but there were also a sauna. 

For Angela's birthday we surprised her with this cake and candle display. Champagne all around!

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