Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Beginning of Spring...Dust Storms!

A couple of weeks ago we experienced our first dust storm of the season. This is when sand from the Gobi Desert travels through the air and hovers over Korea. Last year I was surprised to wake up and find a strange orange glow radiating from the sky. This time instead of orange dust it was plain old ordinary regular dust. At first I thought it was smog, but then I looked at the cars.

I feel like this is worse than pollen season in New England. I'm thinking those little dust particles could scratch the surface pretty easily. I also have not seen an abundance of car washes in and around Seoul.

Here's a close up of what to expect from a dust storm. Kwang was telling me that he's been out in the rain during a dust storm and gotten back home with a head full of sand. Eh...I guess it's just kind of like going to the beach.

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