Thursday, April 7, 2011

Highlights from the Seoul Motor Show

There was so much to see at the Seoul Motor Show last weekend. These are just some of the highlights that I found intriguing.
Kwang I think you shrunk! 
Kia had a gigantic model on hand just for pictures like this one.

Camper cars are incredibly expensive in Korea. Most people rent them if they want the benefits of one. People could not get enough of this model. I love that everything is really hands on. With most cars you were free to get in them, fidget with the controls, get in the back seat and even open the truck. 

These kids even got some driving time in.

Alright, what's strange about this car? 
How the hell do you get in it? 
There are no handles.

Some mock off roading...I like it!
 I thought this car was pretty cool. The inside is like the set of the Jetsons. Plus look how the door opens up. Is this is the wave of the future? We saw so many cars that had this feature at the show. 

Everyone wanted a piece of the rampant poising action, including this little girl. I was a little skeptical at whether people were taking pictures of the cars or show girls...or maybe that was just Kwang.

This was the first time I had seen male models at an expo. 
It was totally refreshing. 

Car parts were also on display. 
This station showed the latest in windshield wiper technology.

Hey! What's a bike doing at a Motor Show? Oh wait it's a motorized bicycle. This model would be perfect for the radiation rain we've been getting here in Seoul lately. 

This bus was huge! We got a tour though....

The bus was the perfect place to take a nap...except for the disco lights over head, making this picture look only a little creepy. 

 Look at the width of this seating. 
I'll be taking this bus on my next 5 hour trip to Jinhae.

Don't worry, they didn't leave out the city bus either. Here's my stop!

Finally, you can't have a Motor Show with a bride. 
Now that I think about it there wasn't a groom, strange.
And no, this is not the dress I will be wearing next year.

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  1. amazing photos keep it up! i also like your blog God bless :)