Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Visit to MBC Headquarters in Jeongbalsan

MBC is one of the big TV broadcasting companies in Korea. The company has headquarters in Yeoido and Jeongbalsan. We walked to the Jeongbalsan location (line 3) after going to the Seoul Motor Show. On the first floor there's an interactive exhibit as well as a gift store, that didn't happen to be open on Sunday. The picture above is of Kwang posing with the cast of Infinity Challenge (무한도전). It's one of the most popular variety shows featuring comedians doing ridiculous tasks.

The exhibit had a miniature set of a traditional drama showing all of the behind the scene details.

I find this hilarious because we've encountered this same scene while walking around Seoul before. Dramas are filmed just about everywhere.

This was a fake motorcycle you could get on and see what it was like filming an action scene. Pretty awesome!

This part was really cool. Who hasn't wanted to experience what it's like to be the weatherman. Kwang took a natural liking to this job.

There was even a mock version of the MBC news with a nighttime view of Seoul in the background.

 Have you always wanted to see what it's like to be a cameraman? Well here you can try it out. I was so pleasantly surprised by this entire exhibit. We had no idea that there was going to be this much cool stuff to do when we on a whim decided to go in the building.


  1. Hi jennie,

    i'm Winson from Singapore and currently studying in Singapore Management Uni (SMU). MY uni is going to Korea for exchange program and currently we are looking for company to go to. So can i check with you how you mange to go to MBC hHQ? is there any arrangement's need?

    Thanks alot. You can email me back at winson_nggs

  2. hi there,

    im szehue from malaysia. me n my friends are going to south korea this coming July and we are fans of hallyu wave. we wish to visit the studios of the main broadcasting company in Korea. May you provide more info through thanks...