Saturday, April 24, 2010

Warning: Cute Cats!!!

Kwang in front of the Giocat Cat Cafe!
The cat above looks like Pumpkin, my cat from childhood.

Kwang and I went to the Giocat Cat Cafe last weekend. You pay $8 and gain entry into cat heaven plus a delicious cappuccino. There were between 20-30 cats sleeping, walking around, and playing in the cafe. There were quite a few admirers too so getting a cat to come cuddle was quite the accomplishment. We were successful though in the end. There were all of these funny rules too at the cafe. You could not pick up the cats. They had to willfully jump into your lap. At one point I did break this rule and was not kicked out, phew. Also you weren't suppose to wake up sleeping cats. Kwang continually broke this rule as he could not help but pet the sleeping sweethearts. We decided that this was a brilliant business plan, but one that would probably not work in the US. Hot beverages and cat hair really don't stand up to code very easily.

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