Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chuseok Table

I'm a little late in posting these pictures since the holiday happened weeks ago. Here's what a traditional Chuseok ceremonial table looks like. Kwang's father was cleaning up a little before I took this picture so the table was full with dishes at one point. Plates of watermelon, grapes, dried fish, chestnuts, rice cakes, fried shrimp and other delights are placed on the table in honor of their ancestors. At Kwang's house the men bow at the table every 10 minutes or so in this repetitive fashion that lasts for about an hour. The women bring new dishes to the table and at the end bow once. After the ceremony is finished small pieces of all the food are gathered on a dish to be placed outside the family's house and at the graves of their ancestors.

Glasses of milky rice wine called makgeolli are poured out and refilled after each time the men bow. After the ceremony is done this small shrine is set up in the home.

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