Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One of the Perks of Living in Korea

Korea does not have any open container laws. It's a normal sight on any day of the week to walk through the park and see groups of retired men sitting on mats and enjoying rice wine. Now most people do not walk around drinking say cans of beer. However, some teachers I tutor introduced me to a fantastic cocktail take-away place in Hongdae, a trendy part of Seoul. The tiny shop is called Vinyl, rightfully so due to the vinyl containers the drinks are served in.

Kwang opted for the gin and lime while I went for a rum and coke (it even came with a slice of lemon in it) . The drinks are mixed right in the bags and are really a steal at about $4 a piece. I've never seen cocktails this inexpensive in Korea. Most of the time they run around $10 a drink or you have to buy the whole bottle for a little under $100 at a time. Needless to say we will be going back to this place.

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