Monday, November 1, 2010

Wade Kids Academy Celebrates Halloween

Witches and wizards were the hit costume this year. Actually, from past Halloween pictures I've seen from my co-teacher costume choices don't deviate much from this norm.

Most of the kids wore costumes that were bought from the store. It's a same that homemade costumes are not the rage here. Perhaps this will be my new business!

I've seen more adults wearing these exaggerated bow headbands, perfect for Halloween and a ballerina.

My wardrobe was sort of lacking Halloween inspiration this year. I decided to be a cowgirl since I had a straw hat left over from laying on the beach in Vietnam. Not one of my students got my costume, cowboy boots and all, until I explained it. Just another reason why my costume business would be a hit, time to give these kids some non pre-canned creativity.

A witch cackling at the camera. She spent some time in the US and is the only student I have that feels the need to pinch other students...hmmm, just saying.

Here's Michael and his class getting into their Halloween poises. The kids were definitely scared of his zombie blood.

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