Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stuffed Animal Game Machines

There are a ton of game machines in Korea. They are often placed outside of convenient stores and even bars. I guess people are more apt to risk a little pocket money when intoxicated. With that said I'm still drawn to them in fascination. Kwang approaches the taunting machines with vigor and an eye for the challenge. In my entire life I've only managed to win one stuffed animal out of a machine and it was only after inserting $10, not realizing these machines don't give back change.

This particular machine was filled with giant stuffed radishes. Who doesn't want one of these??!! So cute, so weird. I especially love that they are in plastic bags. I wonder if this hinders the giant claw's ability to grasp the radish. Just another obstacle for Kwang...a tricky one at that as alas we did not go home with a giant radish.

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