Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hiking Gwanak San

Kwang's company planned a hiking day instead of spending Saturday in the office. I was invited to tag along. We got off the bus at the base of mountain only to be greeted with this crowd. Seriously, when there are this many people hiking there is only a certain amount of de-stressing and being one with nature to be had.

This rock formation lined the trail at one point. It is good luck to balance a rock on top of the many piles that have been started around the base. With that said it is bad luck to have any of those piles fall. 
When we reached the top this was the view. 
There was a Buddist Temple at the top of the hike. We had to climb over large treacherous boulders to get to it. Many people were outside praying and bowing when got there.

After climbing on rock ledges and watching old women being passed on the ledges my impatient men we  got to this steep, smooth incline. Miraculously on the far left of the hill there was a man selling cup of noodles and rice wine. I passed on the rice wine as I was worried I wouldn't be able to get back across the boulders in one piece. 

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