Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kimchi Pots

Awhile back Kwang and some friends and I visited a traditional Korean village that's within Seoul. Kimchi plays a prominent position within Korean cuisine. These are some examples of Kimchi pots that would house the fermenting cabbage. Kwang tells me that they are also used to make a special soy bean paste that is eaten with pork belly barbecue here...amazingly delicious. I think that these pots are really beautiful. As I walk around Seoul many houses have these types of pots hanging out on balconies and terraces. Kwang's family had their on top of their roof. We looked and there wasn't any kimchi in them though. Kwang's aunt makes most of the family's kimchi these days. The other thing that struck me about these vessels was that the whole time I was thinking how much my mother would like to get her hands on these to pot her plants in. Sort of a sacrilegious take on kimchi pots, but I think she would agree it would be a lovely homage.

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