Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup Mania!!

South Korea vs. Greece
Final score 2-0
Dae han min guk! This is the cheer that I have pulsating through my head right now. It means Republic of Korea.

It was pouring rain Saturday night so many of the popular outdoor spectator spots were not happening. We had a heck of time finding a bar that had seats available. However, our friends found this gem that had great food, beer flowing and a view of the street to view post celebratory maddness.

Korea represents themselves with the image of the red devil hence the horns which are a necessary game accessory. I saw quite a few t-shirt that spelled Korea with a C. I asked Kwang about this and he explained one theory where this is done because C comes before J (J being Japan).
Here he is, one happy victorious guy. The whole place jumped up when the first goal was scored in the first seven minutes. Then when Park Jisung elegantly beat out two defenders to score the second goal everyone knew we had it in the bag. This Thursday is the next game against Argentina who supposedly has the best player in the world on the team. I'll certainly be rockin' the horns for that occasion.

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