Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Promoting Educational English Tools

I've been doing some side work promoting this educational English tool.  The "Bud Talk" device looks sort of like a weird bird. It's top twirls and acts as a volume control. Meanwhile the "Lara Pen" works with the book that comes with the set. It's a magic pen. When you place the pen on the pages of the book Bud sings the songs written on the pages.

Anyway, along with promoting this tool and showing all of it's quirky features I have to teach words associated with making a sandwich. Then the kids, ages 3-7 actually make sandwiches. It can be an exhausting day as I teach up to 6 of the same class over and over again. However, I've gotten to meet children and parents from all over Korea since I am often traveling out of Seoul for these classes.

Also the sandwiches we make are very strange by American standards. Bread, ham, cheese, cucumber, tomato and strawberry jam....yikes!

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