Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shopping at Dongdaemun Market

Kwang convinced me to go to Dongdaemun clothing market this past Sunday. It's a fun place the first couple of times, but floor after floor of shopping can be very tiring, especially when I don't fit into half of the clothes. He had to get some pants for work so this vendor set up a make shift dressing room. The woman selling the pants joked with me that she was going to drop the curtain when Kwang had his pants down. I was very entertained. You can also bargain here. My job at this point in the shopping experience is to look very shocked and shake my head. Kwang then cuts the price in half and tries to haggle the vendor down. He is usually very successful. This time he got a pair of black dress pants and two button down shirts for 65 won after the vendor initially told him 105 won. Sometimes having me there is helpful as I become sort of a buffer, plus my disappointed face is very persuasive. Other times the vendors think that since I'm Kwang's girlfriend he must have lots of money....if only that were true.

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