Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Bicycle!

Kwang helped me place an order online at Gmarket for a bicycle. There were lots of options, but I finally decided to go with the 7 speed cruiser that came with a handy basket. It came fully assembled and was packaged like this. I was totally impressed. A lot of care went into boxing up this beauty.

This is the after shot. There was a ton of unwrapping to do, but we managed to get it done. As you can see Kwang is quite proud of his handy work.

Here's the semi-blurry action shot of Kwang taking the bike out into our neighborhood. The bike path runs right by our house and I took the bike out this past Saturday for a 2 hour ride. Lots of people seem to be pretty surprised and excited to see a Westerner on a bike. Every time I go out I get receive many friendly greetings. It makes for a very pleasant bike ride.

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