Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cake Decorating Shop

Kwang and I went to a cake decorating shop this weekend. Here you get to pick out the flavor of cake and then decorate it with all sorts of goodies. It comes frosted with a base layer so it's really all about the decorating. Kwang was having a hard time deciding.
Here's the menu. We chose the vanilla cream cake in, of course, a heart shape. One bag of frosting comes with it so Kwang picked out a green melon flavored frosting. It tasted just like our favorite ice cream melon bars.
Yeah!! It's just like making cupcakes without the work of baking. Ohh I miss my oven.
We stenciled on "Love" with cocoa powder.
Pictures of cakes made at the shop line the walls. It was so interesting and inspiring to see all of the different designs. 
Little containers of fruit helped add all sorts of color and texture to the cake. 
Apparently I'm wearing the green hat and Kwang's wearing the brown one. Hahaha.
Here's our finished product! It's delicious too. Only after getting it home Kwang announced to me that he just didn't feel right eating a cake he decorated so it's up to me to make a dent in it! Korean cake is much less dense than American cake. It's light and airy and even the frosting isn't as sweet. I wonder how they do this and if this could be our future business venture in the US.


  1. This is ridiculously cute. Did you ever end up making the cake in the rice-cooker?

  2. Confession...we still don't own a rice cooker! We cook at home maybe once a week and that's usually devoted to a pasta night.