Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hiking Up Gwanak San Mountain

Kwang and I went for a hike up Guanak San Mountain this weekend. It's actually really close to our apartment and we were able to get there via a 20 minute bus ride. It was pretty humid out so it was nice to get into the forest where is was much cooler.
There are lots of hiking clubs in Korea. Many of them like to pitch a tarp near the trail to eat lunch under. We heard a lot of cheering as well as soju and beer was consumed during lunch time.
Here's Kwang, excited to get out and stretch his legs on his only day off this week. He's such a good sport.

Here I am, funny story though. I was waiting for Kwang to get out of the store at the bottom of the mountain when two old men walked by. One seemed to be struggling getting cookies out of a package. When he was finally successful he looked up, saw me, walked out of his way and gave me one. His friend shook his head and laughed at him. Apparently my love for cookies is acknowledged world wide.

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