Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wade Kids Academy Goes to Nanta

We took a field trip to Nanta a couple of weeks ago. Nanta is usually a live cooking show, but we went to the kids version that's a three part activity. In the first part all the kids were given instruments that we used to record sound for a cartoon. Here are they are fanning plastic wings that made a soft wind sound.
Next the kids went to the cooking studio where they each picked out three different packets of rice, barley, beans and peas. Then they "cooked" the grains and poured them into a plastic egg to make a music shaker.

This is Shawn. He's one of the youngest and tiniest students at the school.

Next we went to the music studio where there were all sorts of drums and cymbals. It was pretty cool. The instructor taught the kids how to read music beats. 
Then the lights went out and a black light came on making everything illuminate. I think the kids enjoyed this part the most.

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