Monday, July 19, 2010

A Visit to Dr. Fish

One of Kwang's co-workers from Singapore was in town so we took her to Dr. Fish. We had foot massages and dipped our feet in water filled with little hungry fish who eagerly began to eat all of the dead skin off our feet.
Here's Kwang in his special spa outfit with his feet in the fish pool.
Ahhh there were so many fish flocked around his feet. They were mighty hungry. Kwang's feet were the perfect treat too as they are in sort of rough shape due to his time in the military.
They really just tickled a lot. The fish took little nibbles, but nothing too extreme. It was sort of insane at how many were feasting on our feet all at once. I felt like they swam in a school from foot to foot. As soon as one of us took our feet out of the water they would go right on to the next foot.

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