Thursday, August 12, 2010

The 2-Day Bike Trip through the Mekong Peninsula

Alyssa and I were a little worried that it was only going to be the two of us on our bike trip through the Mekong Peninsula. Luckily 2 British couples and British man living in Hong Kong joined us in this adventure. A man who liked to call himself "Kitty" picked us up at our hotel wearing spandex head to toe. We started to worry that perhaps this biking trip was going to be long and grueling.
The biking ended up not being that hard. The biggest problem we faced were the motor bikes that we perpetually encountered passing us from both directions. This along with a narrow path that often did not have rails along the small bridges we went over created a fair amount of swearing from my bike. This area of Vietnam has lots of waterways so we used bike ferries during our bike ride. The picture above is of the toll. Basically a woman stands and collects the tolls from passing by motor bikes and bicyclists. Pretty cool.
Here's Alyssa on the ferry. The humidity was pretty intense so we were dripping wet.  At the end of the day the bus met us with icy cold wet towels.

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