Sunday, August 22, 2010

Anyang Art Park

Since I caved in and bought a Lonely Planet guide to Korea I decided to play tour guide for a day with Kwang. I always like to joke with him about how I can show him around his country. Anyang Art Park was a featured day tour in the guide and it just so happens to be fairly close to our apartment. Instead of a grassy sculpture park that I envisioned there was a small stream running down the mountain which had been designed with summer swimming in mind. A perfect escape from the heat and humidity of Seoul.
These kids were having the best time. 

There were all sorts of man made structures that built into the stream that created mini water falls and large wading pools. 

Kwang got into it as well. We had been walking around all day and the water felt so good. 

It was fun to see all of the families out. Most bring a mat to lay on and lunch, spending the day lounging near the water. It was one of the first senses of community that I've experienced while in Seoul.

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