Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wade Kids Academy Goes to the Movies

Yeah!!!! My kindergarten class got to go to the movies!!! Boooo the movie was in Korean so my co-worker Dustin and I got to sleep through a hour and a half Korean cartoon. This is Diego and I expressing how excited we are to be at the movies. His brother Silver is behind him. During the scary parts Diego held Silver's hand, soooo cute. I took this time to take a nap which Diego then told everyone about how he saw Jennie teacher sleeping during the movie.
This is David and though he doesn't show it he's excited to be out of the classroom. It's funny, because these kids get their pictures taken constantly I think they are sort of programed to poise in a certain way. It takes some coaxing to get a genuine smile out of them.

It is possible though!

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