Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last Post from Vietnam: Jesus on the Hill

There's a pretty large Catholic population in Vietnam. Vung Tao hosts a large Jesus that you can walk up to and even climb to the top of its arms. We woke up and started out at 7:00am from our hotel in an attempt to beat the heat and humidity. We had no such luck as it was a hot and sticky walk back.
If you look closely you can see people along the Jesus's shoulders.
On the base of the Jesus there was a bronze relief of the Last Supper.
The trek up the hill wasn't too bad though yet again I found myself soaked with sweat in Vietnam. 
Alyssa was bold enough to climb up the Jesus. I wasn't dressed appropriately with a tank top and shorts on. Nor did I feel like taking the plunge with the sun rising.

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