Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chagall at the Seoul Museum of Art

 A couple of weeks ago, during my Christmas vacation, I made it to the Seoul Museum of Art. There was a great Chagall exhibit going on so I soaked in some culture and bought a ticket to the gallery. Chagall's classic wedding scenes with the enamored chicken or two were whimsical, but what instantly struck me was the number of people walking through the exhibit at the same time. Besides the Louvre, particularly around the Mona Lisa, I've never been to such a crowded museum before. On the first floor was an exhibit showcasing Korean modern artists. I actually think I enjoyed this more than the Chagall show. I've been pleasantly surprised at the way Seoul supports modern art. It seems to be everywhere.

 This is a picture of a grate outside of the museum. I love the stenciled Hangul writing against the English.

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