Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wine Hoodie

The 7-11 around the corner was selling bottles of the 2010 Beaujolais for around $18 dollars. I had a hankering so I went on down and picked up this set. With promotions in Korea you often get free stuff attached to the products you are buying. For instance when I buy tuna, there are often tupperware containers taped on if I buy a pack of three. I say score! However, I had no idea what the soft, pink and white fleece object was packaged with the Beaujolais.

So when I opened the package and found this wine hoodie I was ecstatically surprised.  It's actually two pieces that snap together. The cape like part just covered my shoulders, perfect for laying back and drinking wine. This fleecy cuteness made my purchase just that much better. I think I'll go back and buy more.


  1. Hmmm, I'm thinking that a combo hoodie/coffee gift pack might be the perfect thing for a PDX roaster to sell. Portlanders could add them to their already large hoodie collections!

  2. Just shut up now. That's way toooo cute.

  3. Thanks for my very own wine Hoodie! Sadly, the wine didn't make it through customs!