Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Songdo City and the Northeast Asia Trade Tower

Awhile back Kwang had to go to Songdo City for a gaming event that he had to attend for work so I tagged along. New International Songdo City as it's called,  is a newly built city that took about an hour and a half to get to on the subway from southwest Seoul. It's built on reclaimed land and is a free economic zone. When we were there from 5-8pm it was a dead land with hardly anyone walking on the streets or even driving around, quite the difference from bustling, elbow shoving, people pushing Seoul.

This is the Northeast Asia Trade Tower that's still being built, but due to be finished in March. It's the tallest building in Korea coming in with 68 floors. From searching on the internet I found out the lobby is lined with Vermont Slate walls. Who would of thought I'd have a little piece of home right here in Songdo. I love the angular design though it reminds me of the World Financial Center in Shanghai without the bottle opener at the top.

An area called Central Park has also been built in Songdo that is sort of a combination of NYC's Central Park and Venice. There is a large water way that appeared to have water taxi's though they were not running at night in the wintertime. We walked along the water though it was a little strange as the place was deserted. 

The city scape is shaping up to look a little like NYC. It will be interesting to go back and see what the city looks like when it's fully occupied.

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