Monday, January 3, 2011

Ping-Pong Korean Style

Would you mess with this man? Look at how he's holding his ping-pong paddle. That's skill. See the agile way that he has his feet planted. That's the fierce competitive nature within him. I hate to brag, but Kwang was on his high school's ping pong team. He also hates to loose...would you take him on?
I think not. 

The competition, Alex, Kwang's co-worker. He's also got a mean serve and that same instinctual prowl for the kill. These guys hit fast and will do anything it takes to win a point. Myself on the other hand learned how to play ping-pong in my 7th grade gym class. It was a unit that included shuffle board and some other geriatric sports-like activity. I do not play here as I think I might embarrass Kwang. I'm actually lucky to be allowed into this establishment.

Ping-pong rooms are common here in Korea. You can rent a table by the half hour for about $3. They serve soda, but no beer which seemed like a shame to me. Then again it's considered a sport here instead of a drinking game. There were several other tables around us all separated by green mesh curtains. I was particularly proud of the woman playing in the doubles match behind us, sort of a heroine in my book.


  1. I am very glad to say that I have indeed played table tennis with Kwang in Portland and have lived to tell the tale! My form was more lax, however.

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